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About Us

Aspire Therapeutic Solutions LLC was founded under the principles that mental/behavioral health was not to be scoffed at or taken lightly. Nearly everyone in the world has heard and understands the stigma which flows in an ever so prevalent manner and how it is avoided by so many due to that stigma. Aspire is here to put a stop to that stigma and show how helpful, relaxing, and healing a simple therapy session can be to most.

It is further believed by Aspire and all of the staff who participate with the company and community that we can offer a unique therapeutic experience from an office environment all the way to an individual's home and social settings not offered by anyone else in Pahrump. The "Aspire Touch", if you will, is one which will have you feeling warm, welcome, and at ease with the entire process from start to finish.

We do of course understand, as will you, there are no overnight solutions to helping with mental and behavioral health challenges. This is why Aspire creates a complete continuum of care from reasonable medication management (not a drug factory), to therapeutic intervention as offten as needed and appropriate, to community supportive services using highly trained and experienced individuals to further our services.

What We Offer

Management reserves all rights to refuse services at their sole discretion.