What Makes Aspire Tick From The Clinical Aspect....

Dr. Roger Green APRN, PMHNP

A long time practitioner of mental and medical health, Dr. Green is dedicated to the population he serves (child, adolescent, adult, and geriatric) with passion and understanding using the fewest and least intrusive medications possible to help restore the functioning of our patients.

Sharon Winkelmann, MEd, CPC, LCADC

Her unique approach to serving the Pahrump community, being a Pahrump resident for the past 10 years herself, allows her therapeutic style to shine among our community helping and visiting all demographics within their own homes and preferred places in the community. She also posses a vast amount of experience with substance and alcohol abuse treatment and crisis intervention.

Brittany Edwards, MS, MFT

One of the most kind and compassionate therapists ever to grace the Marriage and Family Therapy field, Brittany is a strong advocate of her patient's mental health and recovery. She is dedicated to her craft and continues to prove it as a Las Vegas born and raised native she has been driving out to help the Pahrump community 3-4 days per week for nearly 3 years and smiles every day she does it.

Kathy Jensen, MSW, LCSW

Kathy being a Boulder City native, hailing from a small town in Colorado, understands the dynamics of a small town. She is a highly experienced and fierce life coach offering new and inventive ways to help her patients find happiness through guided life changes and important healthy choices all from a clinical aspect offered from a tele-therapy platform.

Felisa Huene, MS, MFT, LADC

Felisa offers a unique mix of mental/behavioral health with substance and alcohol abuse treatment. Another Las Vegas native who loves Pahrump so much she dedicates a huge portion of her time to our growing community. She is insightful and constantly on the path to help her patients find functioning and stability in their lives.

What Makes Aspire Tick From The Community Support Aspect....

Marina Meza, QMHA

Marina is all too familiar with Pahrump bringing her own experiences and goals with her. She is a kind PSR provider with realistic goals for her patients as she helps them in all aspects of their social and family lives. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty being that shining example for all whom she works with.

Jeannine Schulte, QMHA

Jeannine is one of the most consistently smiling, happy, and excited PSR workers you will probably ever meet. She has been serving the Pahrump community from the supportive services perspective for nearly 6 years and continues to do so with the same smile on her face she had when she started.

Amber Lopez, QBA

Amber is another Pahrump native of about 8 years who has experienced basically everything Pahrump has to offer. As a BST worker she offers unique self-experiences which help her guide her patients in the community she knows and loves to achieve goals and progress toward where they want to see their lives.

Sam DeAngelis, QBA

Sam has been in the Pahrump community for 28 years and is a staple in the Pahrump area who consistently involves himself in the community as a whole. He brings a fascinating real world approach to his interventions as a BST worker with his patients which create a beneficial and nearly instant rapport working toward goals for improvement in his patients.

Let's Meet the Adminstration....

C.J. Zens, Senior VP, QMHA

C.J. has spent the last 15 years in the town of Pahrump and the last 7 of those years in the mental/behavioral health field. He started as a BST worker in the field and worked up to PSR, then became a director of another company before forming and opening Aspire. He is an enthusiastic person with a drive to help intervene and stabilize the community as well as being the primary support system for all operations of Aspire and the staff within.

Cheryl Keinz, Office Manager, QMHA

Cheryl is a kind and loving individual with nearly 4 years of experience both in this field and in Pahrump. She dedicates herself to the patients of Aspire both from running the front office and a PSR standpoint. She is always available for patients to vent and there to offer scheduling and other everyday task help to all.

Debra Zens, Director of Creativity

Debra is a shining star among the Pahrump community offering that inventive and certainly creative touch in all things she experiences. Anyone who enjoys the Aspire office decor can thank her as she is better known for her nail art as she works for a salon in town as a nail tech. We all thank Debra everyday for her inspiring and creative approach to everything and everyone she touches.